About Skilz Tha Louche

Skilz_tha_Louche is a 24 year old upcoming femcee, who grew up and did her educational studies in Ruwa. Talking about her musical journey she said, “It all started right after when i finished doing my Upper 6. While waiting for my results ,I would go to a local studio for fun and then I realized that i could do it on some professional level. There was a DJ at Big Bass Entertainment called Bantu Blacks who saw me performing and decided to approach me and inquire about my music. He then took me to the Big Bass Entertainment management team and well it is what it is now lol.”

When asked who the Queen of Zim Hip Hop is she had this to say, “Honestly speaking i see no one as the queen as of yet , no one has really delivered enough to take that title, though some femcees out there are doing well, two , if not one, Natasha Muz only.” She also added that Zim Hip Hop artists are lacking sponsorship to take them to the next level, she went on to add that if they could also get sponsorship like Zimdancehall they could go far.

Skilz wishes to be a Universal artist, she wants her music to be played in every Nation, “ I want my music to be played by everyone even those of different races.” She lamented about being looked down upon, “ Being underrated because of my gender is one of my biggest challenges of which people do not know what is installed within us.”

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