DJ King Her takes the entertainment industry by storm

In a dog eat dog male dominated world, a young lady thrives to make a place for herself. Meet Natsumi Miyata popularly known as DJ King Her who is taking the disc jockey world by storm. When asked about the origins of her nickname in an interview with Models Square she had this to say, “Being in a male dominated industry I just thought to myself, why can’t I be called King as well as “Her”.

DJ King Her is a Zimbabwean of Japanese decent, her background might leave one thinking she doesn’t speak Shona but she proudly speaks the language fluently. She comes from a humble upbringing and has great love for the arts and entertainment industry. Besides being a DJ she is a TV presenter, graphic designer, social media manager and she is also a mother to a handsome young boy. Speaking on the challenges of balancing her work and motherhood she had this to say, “It was extremely tough in the beginning as I missed many milestones in my son’s life because of distance, I work here in Zimbabwe and my child is in South Africa. The most important thing I have managed to do is to keep a balance, staying focused, and ensuring that communication needs are met which is key to keeping a balanced parental relationship. I’ve learnt that we have different challenges in life and how we manage them is entirely up to you. My son is doing very well in school and I am extremely proud of him, we have a strong bond and he is very understanding as to why certain sacrifices are made in life. The most important part is to have clear communication and support.”
Natsumi aspires to create an institute that educates women on the business of entertainment, the art of DJ’ing for women, to be able to host more workshops for the Zimbabwean Youth. “I feel it is important to give back to the community through molding strong educational pillars with purpose. I would love to leave a legacy for the next generation, and create a marginal shift in the Arts and Cultural Sector that places Zimbabwe on a greater scale, I believe we have so much to talent to showcase,” she said.

The bubbly personality boasts of so many achievements during the course of her career, “As a TV presenter at Zimpapers Television Network (ZTN) I was blessed with an opportunity to meet amazing artists such as Beenie Man,Davido, Winnie Khumali, Casper Nyovest, amongst others. Listening to their stories of their experiences and accomplishments was inspirational and exciting. As a DJ I have networked with artists, promoters, corporate companies and various brands. I have been privileged to travel and perform in different countries and mentor fellow women who aspire to be DJs through South African Arts and the British Council. I have also been able to educate the public on social health and mental awareness.” DJ King Her is currently working on her first album which she says will be quite out of the box, she also has a couple of TV shows lined up.

“The years 2020 and 2021 have been very challenging for the entertainment industry in Zimbabwe, I greatly feel that as entertainers we need to find alternative solutions to being able to showcase our talents in a more effective way. We need to come together and create a platform that can assist all artists and not just the “selected favorites”, but before any of that can happen we need to be a united forum. The entertainment industry does play a huge role in defining who we are as a nation,” said DJ King Her. Her words of encouragement to those who look up to her as a role model were, “I’ve learnt over the years that it is important to set your goals attempt to accomplish them, some work faster than others, others take time and that is okay, opportunities come to those who put in the effort and create a professional network system. Never give up and keep pushing.”

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