Exclusive interview with Ellen Makaza

Iconic Fest is a new and rising model-ing agency with so much promise for the future. We got an opportunity to speak with one of their fashion models Ellen and this is what she had to say.

Who is ellen?

My birth name is Ellen Makaza. I am 20 years old, I reside in Mabelreign Harare. I am a fashion model working under Iconic Fest agency

Tell us a bit about your modeling journey(setbacks, challenges, accomplish-ments/achievements)

l am a amateur upcoming model with an aspiration to be a professional fashion model.My biggest achievement as a model was advocating for a gender based violence video in Zimbabwe for women’s voices and grievances and l as their role model to let their voices be heard.My main challenge is money because as a fashion model you have to upgrade your wardrobe occasionally because wearing the same clothes becomes monotonous for the fans.

How did your parents react to you Joining the modeling in-dustry?

My parents were fine of me being a fash-ion model because they knew I have always wanted to be a model from the very beginning

How did your modeling career begin?

My modeling career began from a flier up to joining the Iconic Fest agency for regis-tration and becoming a member

What can you say about the modeling in-

dustry in Zimbabwe?

The modeling industry in Zimbabwe has been let down by a majority of advertisers who resort to untrained and unregistered models with no one to represent them as they do not charge high fees. However, with a little boost and support the model-ing industry has got the potential to become a million dollar industry.

What are your views on skin bleaching?

Skin bleaching is not good at all because one’s natural beauty is enough and it has severe side effects which people fail to identify beforehand.

Words of advice to aspiring models out there

Follow your goals and never let people’s words stop you from doing what you love


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  • Ellen Makaza
    5 months ago Reply

    Thank you for this opportunity, it’s such an honor to be on models square magazine.
    Thank you.

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