The “Imaginary Collection” that brought back Art into Fashion.

Covid 19 has dire effects on the whole populace at large in ways no one could have ever anticipated. A lot of people have been struggling to make ends meet whilst some people have been true facsimiles to this saying – ‘When life throws lemons at you make lemonade and extra lemon meringue pie’. Daniel Rosebery is one of the creative and innovative people who managed to take advantage of the situation.

Many may be wondering who Daniel Rosebery is. Daniel Rosebery is a director for Maison Schiaparelli which was founded by Schiaparelli Elsa from Rome who happens to be Daniel’s inspiration.

Due to Covid 19 lockdowns which led to the closure of Maison Schiaparelli, Daniel had travelled to the United States of America where he was quarantined in New York City. With no companions Daniel got time to do some introspection which in turn heightened his creativeness and his zeal to revive Schiaparelli to it’s former glory.

Armed with his sketch book he began to put his imaginations on paper just a week before the Paris Fashion Week. His first collection depicted a three-part show, which had day and night looks. The final product was fabulous and eliciting gasps from everyone who attended the show physically could be seen and also virtually from the comments made in the comment section.

One lesson all of us should learn from Daniel Rosebery is that no matter how tough the situation is you should sore through and to take advantage of any situation life throws at you.

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