Lewis Nyamakosi:Former CCOSA student runs a successful magazine for 2 years

Lewis Nyamakosi, a former Christian College of Southern Africa student has been success-fully running an online magazine named Model Guide for over 2 years.The 26 year old man who studied computer engineering at CCOSA in the capital founded the magazine which he clams is designed to help models reach their goals through educative articles and interviews with internationally recognized models

When asked about the inspiration behind the magazine he had this to say, “The inspiration came from one of my female friends who wanted to become a model. After an unfruit-ful search for an agency with her, I then went on to study more about modeling with the help of Google and you tube and gave her the information. I then began writing stuff for her to read and she started sharing the notes with other models. That later led to the establishment of Model Guide.” The agency came in a year later after he received count-less requests from models who wanted the Model Guide team to help them in their career. He had been managing models at a personal level before the agency

“It’s really pain-ful, you put so much time and effort in your work and some-one simply copies all of it.”


Plagiarism is one of the main challenges he faces in the industry, “It’s really painful, you put so much time and effort in your work and someone simply copies all of it.” Lewis says he has endured so many hardships while trying to launch the magazine. In an inter-view with this reporter he said, “At first it was really tough as I would do the interviews, write the articles and also do the designing of the magazine all alone . However, now I have a hardworking team doing most of the stuff. Like Tapiwa Rubaya who has been doing most of the interviews for the magazine.”

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