Maria the fashion blogger


  1. What inspired you to fall in love with fashion? Which brands are you addicted to?

My mom inspired me the most, growing up with her she taught me to how to put things together, there are many people who inspire me, but my mom inspired me the most, she’s the root to all my love for fashion. I’m addicted to a lot of fashion brands since I can’t stick to one brand.

  1. Before leaving your room and your house, what 5 things do you check first?

Before leaving my place, I check my outfits the most, there are some outfits that if you wear, sometimes you don’t feel them, so I check that before leaving my room, I check my mood, if I’m vibing, it will affect your confidence the whole day if you don’t check that. And the other thing which is essential to me is my sunglasses, I usually have an extra pair in my handbag, just in case I forget others.

  1. What do you dislike about fashion from other people?

I dislike nothing about fashion from other people, since fashion is all about expressing ourselves, so we express ourselves differently and everyone has to embrace that, I just love that people have different taste for fashion so I really respect that.

  1. If you were asked to pick a fashion model, what attributes would you consider before picking one?

The most important thing that models should have is confidence. A confident model is easier to work with and will showcase a fashion piece better than a shy one.

  1. How many outfits do you buy or create per month?

I don’t really count these outfits, whenever I’m inspired, I just create outfits, I usually don’t buy completely, but I pick what I need and mix with what I already have.

  1. Do you have any fashion tips you would like to share?

I really have a lot of tips, a huge bundle of tips, lol but my very essential tip is don’t forget your sunglasses, they really finish up that outfit and they give it a boushy fill, Don’t be afraid to try new silhouettes, new colors, new fabrics, like that.

  1. How do you make sure your body doesn’t affect your outfits, and how do you make sure your outfit fits your body. What do you consider before picking one?

You just need to appreciate your own body, love your body and everything else will follow, know your body type, it helps you to choose certain pieces in your wardrobe it will help you to balance. Truly I have to feel the outfit, each and every outfit has a certain vibe, and on that particular day I have to feel the vibe with the outfits not forgetting the colors and the silhouettes.

  1. What do you love about Models Square Magazine as a fashion expert?

I love that the magazine is helping people gain exposure, and as people really need to get known out there  Models Square is doing that for them, also I am learning different kinds of fashion tastes from different people.

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