Meet Takudzwa Neshamba

Takudzwa Neshamba a young model, journalist, film student, fitness fanatic and personal trainer talks about his journey in the modeling industry.

The 26 year old is also known as Taku Nesh in the modeling circles. He ventured into modeling in 2015 driven by the desire to get fame. He joined an agency called Model Management which later closed down. He had huge expectations which failed to bear fruit due to lack of money to maintain his outlook as he didn’t have any other source of income. “I struggled and regretted having any interest in modeling which made me look for a job and save for school,” he said. He was again convinced to give modeling another chance and decided to join Top Models Zimbabwe for yet another grooming course.

As Top Models is a big agency he was supposed to work hard so that he would get noticed. He however did not feel the need for that, he just hoped that he would get a call being called for a shoot. When that didn’t happen he felt as though history was repeating itself and lost interest.

“You might have the features of a model but without proper ‘personal’ management, grooming and commitment you will end up like the poor talented individuals out there. Of course talent can take you far but without the later you won’t go anywhere,” said Taku. He also urged upcoming models to research about the industry they are getting into before investing their time into something they would eventually leave behind, get to know what it’s about before committing.

He also pointed out that personal development is also of key importance, when one becomes a model he becomes a brand. Personal development means building yourself physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually, keeping fit, looking fresh, having good communication skills and being good at conflict management. He pointed out that people who are emotionally weak can be pushed to commit suicide due to cyber bullying. An emotionally strong person doesn’t have difficulties opening up about issues of harassment or even abuse, a model should be ready to face all obstacles, it’s easier for them to sail through.

Taku pointed out that modeling is a lifestyle which requires money. “You pay to join an agency, you pay for a portfolio, you need to be outgoing, you can go for test shoots but you know nothing is for free. A person might be slept with because he/she feels indebted because of a shoot,” said the 26 years old model. He also pointed out that talent is abundant in disadvantaged communities but only a few get the opportunity to showcase their talents.

“I’m of the view that all youths given opportunities can craft an ideological framework that can help develop them, their community and the nation,” he said. He also urged upcoming models to work hard, “Being in a better place does not make you a better person, people are usually of the view that once you get into a big agency you are automatically settled which is not the case. . As a model you should work hard, by that I mean building your profile, creating a following and networking.”

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