Meet the fashion model:Tanatswa

Tanatswa is an 18 year old ordinary and simple girl. Currently residing in Warren Park D, she is very outgoing and ambitious. She is the type of girl who does everything to reach her goals. She is into fashion and commercial modeling, she started modelling in 2019.

She is inspired by Demi Leigh. Generally she likes looking different and wearing different things from different people. l have got a chance to meet very influential top models. She has gained a lot of knowledge in the modelling industry. She has worked with Life of designer and is looking forward to working with more brands in the future.

She lamented how in Zimbabwe people do not invest so much in the modelling industry. “Basically we are facing financial difficulties, I just wish more companies can invest in the modelling industry and help us in our career,” she said.

Her advice to fellow models, “Keep pushing no matter what the society may say because there is always light at the end of the tunnel. To all upcoming models out there I wish you all the best.”

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