Meet Vuyo Brown:Model Biography

Vuyo Brown is a Zimbabwean singer, songwriter and contemporary Christian artist who fell in love with music at a young age. “My mother was a high school teacher and we’d get to watch and listen to students singing and performing. I’d go home and imitate everything word for word, note for note, and perform for my family. At the age of 9, my uncle started teaching me to play instruments, we started on the flute. He, unfortunately, passed on before he could achieve his goal but had already ignited a fire in me,” she said.

Vuyo broke into the music business professionally in 2014. Between 2014 and 2016 she was part of different musical groups in Bulawayo. She went on to release her first single NdiJesu in July 2016. The song rocked on the Skyz Metro FM Gospel 10 in 2018, as it was re-released as part of her debut album that year. NdiJesu was written in 2015 as a tribute to her mother. It has a line from Chiwoniso Maraire’s famous “Wandirasa.” Which she says is a song for anyone going through any form of pain, it’s an encouragement to pray and hold on.

She released her second single ‘Tichatamba’ in 2017. The EDM track is worlds away from her first one, true to the contemporary Gospel artist that she is. It is on rotation in two UK radio stations, Premier Gospel and Salt FM. 30 June 2018, Vuyo Brown released her 8 track début album ‘Grace Fulfilled.’ In 2019 she released a single “Thula Wazi” (Be Still and Know). “It has been rocking radio stations around the country being in the TOP 10 on the ZiFM Top 40 Chart for 5 weeks, reigning at number 1 on the Skyzmetro FM Gospel Chart for 5 weeks, and 4 weeks at 1 on the Khulumani FM Gospel Chart. It has become loved by people in and outside of Zimbabwe because of its message,” she said.

Vuyo lamented how women have to work twice as hard as men to get recognized, “ I have realized that one has to constantly prove herself to earn respect, to earn recognition. I compare my music career to ministry because both men and women just prefer male pastors. They get recognized, respected so much easier than female pastors. When I show up with the same exact ‘whatever it is he has, I have to work twice as hard, *to be at par!*.”

She went on to advice upcoming female musicians, “Be Strict in setting that what you’re known for in your art. Have a vision, have goals. The only person who can limit you is you!”

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