In this new era we are in every-one wants a clear spot-free complexion which has seen a boom in the purchase of skin lightening products, people seem to disregard the fact that these products have serious side effects.Skin bleaching is the use of products to lighten dark parts of the skin or to acquire an overall lighter complexion. Bleaching creams, soaps, pills, chemical pills and laser therapy are some of the ways used to bleach the skin. Skin bleaching reduces the production of melanin, a pig-ment called melanocytes pro-duced by cells.

Dark skinned people have more melanin.In an interview with Cynthia Mazango a mela-nin model on this issue she had this to say, “ I believe skin bleaching is not healthy. Skin bleaching products have serious side effects and complications which people fail to identi-fy. There is really no need to bleach your skin but if you are considering skin bleaching for higher status, privilege and beauty it is important to first understand the risks involved.”When asked about how she maintains her chocolate skin the 21 year old model said, “ I use Avon products which are low in oil con-tent and lifebouy soap because it does not lighten the skin and it prevents the appear-ance of blemishes.” Another model, Tinofara Chapfika urged people who desire to main-tain their dark skin to use lotions which are low in oil and which are mostly made up of water . Side effects of skin bleaching include dermatitis, the inflammation of the skin caused by the reaction to contact with certain substances; Exogenous ochronosis a skin disorder that causes blue-black pigmen-tation; Steroid acne which mostly affects the chest, but can also show up on the back, arms, and other parts of the body with long-term use of corticosteroids and Nephrotic syndrome which is a kidney disorder often caused by damage to the blood vessels in the kidneys responsible for filtering waste and excess water. It causes your body to excrete too much protein in your urine.

Artists such as Enzo Ishall and Jah Prayzah have been trying to promote the dark skinned people through the release of tracks like Tsito bone and Kwayedza respectively. We also have models like Kiara, a tall dark skinned lady with a dream to take Zimbabwean modeling to the next level.



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