Many people are very sensitive and concerned about their skin since it is the largest organ of the body. It covers the entire body and has a surface area of around 2 square metres. It also contributes 16% to the body weight which makes it the main main subject on beauty.

There is only one gold useful for maintaining your skin, and that’s Shea Butter which is widely used by so many well known celebrities in Africa and across the globe which is the main reason why many of them look young and fresh. Below are the benefits of Shea butter.


• Rich fat acids help to balance oil on skin
• Nourishes and conditions skin
• Antioxidant vitamins help promote circulation and healthy skin cell growth
• Softens skin
• Treats acne and blemishes
• Relieves itchy and peeling skin
• Reduces razor irritation and bumps
• Excellent lip care
• Repairs damaged hair
• Prevents hair loss
• Effective natural conditioner

NB. Raw Shea butter offers the perfect base for diy body butters infused with other oils of your own preference.

How to use shea butter on skin

You can apply shea butter directly to your skin. Raw, unrefined shea butter is easy to spread.
You can use your fingers to scoop a teaspoon or so of shea butter from your jar, and then rub it onto your skin until it’s completely absorbed.
Shea butter is slippery and can keep makeup from adhering to your face, so you may prefer to apply it at night before bed.

Recommend Shea Butter Brands in Zimbabwe.

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